Thursday, 21 April 2016

April ringing

Over the past couple of mornings, Micky and I have got the 2016 Long Nab ringing campaign underway. With sunny conditions and clear skies it has been predictably slow going, with a marked lack of quantity. However, we have enjoyed some quality birds for Long Nab.

This morning began with a singing Willow Tit that quickly found the nets and was processed before 0730hrs. Only the third record for Long Nab after two autumn birds in 2014, this was an excellent find and rarer here than Barred Warbler or Yellow-browed Warbler.

Willow Tit

The next net round yielded a Lesser Whitethroat which was bearing a ring. Predictably it was one of 'ours', having been ringed here in July 2013. It was caught again in August 2014 but not caught in 2015. It is therefore very pleasing to record its presence again this year. When first ringed it was a 1st summer, so it must be almost four years old now. It has some way to go in order to break any longevity records, but the average life expectancy from ringing is around two years (BTO website).

Lesser Whitethroat
By the next net round things were slowing up (they hadn't really ever got particularly busy!) and so we were delighted to find a smart male Redstart in the pines net. Only the fourth Redstart caught and ringed here, it is somewhat predictably the first spring catch.

Male Redstart
More run of the mill species included Chiffchaffs, Goldfinches, a couple of Chaffinches, a smart male Linnet and a Willow Warbler.

Male Linnet
Female Goldfinch
Male Goldfinch - note minor differences in shape of red face patch when compared with female above

Willow Warbler

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